Icon Legacy. Who we are.

Our purpose is to have you powerfully start an icon and finish leaving a legacy

Our firm transcends the traditional model of growing professional’s brands and businesses because you are greater than an athlete, you are an institution

We develop Pro Brand Equity™

We focus on Life After Game™

ICON LEGACY is guided by the genius, magic and power of our Advisory Board members comprised of Icons, Legends and Gods of Sport that includes:

Members of our Special Advisory Board include legends of professional sport leagues including the NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, UFC and Boxing. 

Why choose us

ICON LEGACY generates proprietary value for its clients such as:

Futurized Investments thanks to strategic partner Continuum, a private investment

• We were the first money in e-sports, online gambling before legalized and the cannabis industry in parts of the world years before legalization

Digital Leadership thanks to Google Partner, accessing their digital actionable intelligence…

• We develop a custom strategy for you based on your existing digital footprint and indicators inside the realm of the sport to optimally develop brand and deal-flow
• We’ve deployed this strategy for the likes of boxing legend Mike Tyson, Drake, Her Royal Highness, Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson and the NBRA - defining the case for NBA referee’s ‘patch deals’ in their collective bargaining agreement



ICON LEGACY manages the three dimensions of the professional career, they include:

The 1st Dimension

Athletic Development

We follow a proprietary process of preparing, planning so to optimally perform for training, interviews, combines and ultimately the draft.





The 2nd Dimension

Business & Personal Development

Developing YOU as the professional athlete & your personal TEAM

Providing YOU the…

1. Education – providing world class mentorship in business, investment and globalization

2. Structure & Scale – providing metrics, management and means to scale your reach

3. Team & Oversight – professionals and experts in-house to provide ongoing oversight and assurance that you are on the right track, for the right reason, doing the right thing(s)

Providing YOUR partners, associates and/or family such as your brother, your sister, best friends, mother, father, trainers – exclusively through Google U the…

1. Foundational Learning & Knowledge in the domain of business, marketing and finance

2. Techniques & Tools to design, devise, develop and deploy for you the athlete

3. Strategy & Support to ensure impeccable management and performance

The 3rd Dimension

Financial & Legacy Development & Management

  1. Sponsorships – we will define and develop endorsement deals for you across the traditional asset classes such as athletic wear, shoes, and sport beverages/vitamins

  2. Partnerships – we will broker and provide alliances within the luxury brands space with iconic brands within the realm of automobile, hotel, fine spirits/wines, watches, arts, culture, air travel and fashions (brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Pagani, The Arsenale, Rolex, Louis XIII, Remy Martin to name a few)

  3. Investments – we will provide you front-of-the-line, first-to-know and get to access to pre-market, pre-valuation investment rounds inside opportunities such as emerging tech, e-sports, digital gamification, newly legalized drugs/pharmaceuticals (such as cannabis, ketamine, psychedelics or other natural legalized medicinals) space-tech innovations, mobile tech, real estate developments and much more

  4. Newly Developed Assets – through our strategic partner, BRON STUDIOS, / BRON Legacy we will are empowered to create, develop and deliver new multimedia assets presenting your story of origin, journey, and/or areas of interest or protest that is consistent with your brand, stand and view for the world. This will be presented through a film, television, streaming medium featured as a bio-pic, multi-series, full feature film (new asset).

Our agency in numbers

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ICON LEGACY’s net outcome for you…


Global Domination

your name, brand and likeness is global without compromise


Optimal Monetization

you are earning income, cash flow and return on 100% of who you are and where you’ve been


Impeccable Institutionalization

by design and not by default, ensuring that your interests are generating profits with purpose, with power, grace and ease.

When you join the ICON LEGACY family…

You play. We perform. Period.


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You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business.

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Salma Seven

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